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Information and Communications Technology (ICT):

The European Commission has estimated that the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector accounts for 40% of Europe’s productivity growth and 25% of EU GDP growth. The contribution of the ICT sector to Ireland’s economy is even more important: the Irish ICT sector contributes 12% of the total Gross Value Added of the combined manufacturing and services sector. Finland is the only other EU country that records a higher contribution, at 16%.

The sector is rapidly changing due to increased competition and technical advances. Key projects completed by us in the ICT sector include the following:

  • Industry Audit of key trends in European telecoms
  • Business process design and project management for the introduction of a sales channel for selling telecoms services to Irish SMEs
  • Feasibility study on the use of the mobile telephony network for fleet management
  • Report on Market and Price Positioning in the international voice call market

Electronic Security and Asset Tracking

In the past twenty years, the market for electronic security and asset tracking has grown dramatically. The European market is estimated to be worth €26Bn, and to be growing at 8% per annum. There is considerable diversity in the structure of the industry from one country to another, and in the various sub-sectors. Most of the leading players are now active in several countries.

It is critical that operators keep abreast of the changing environment and monitor the activities of their competitors. We have completed a range of assignments in the sector, and can advise on appropriate strategies for success.

  • Assessment of the market for electronic security products in the Irish Retail and Commercial sectors
  • Strategic Review for leading national alarm company
  • Identification of international opportunities within asset tracking
  • Competitive Analysis of Global Players in Electronic Security

Transport & Logistics

Transport is a key part of the European economy, accounting for about 7 % of GDP and more than 5 % of total employment. The strong economic growth of the past decade, coupled with increased European integration, fuelled a rapid rise in the volumes of passengers and freight that were being transported. Recent economic decline has seen a marked reversal of this trend, placing many transport operators in peril. Nevertheless, the long-term trend of increased passenger and freight movements is putting severe strains on transport systems, resulting in capacity constraints and congestion.

Substantial investment in Europe’s transport infrastructure has already been undertaken, and further significant expenditure is planned over the coming years. A critical question for policy makers is the extent to which the increasing volumes of passengers and goods can be carried in a more efficient and productive manner. Strategies must be devised that recognise the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that take account of the threat of increasing oil prices.

We have worked with operators in the road, rail and maritime sector to help them devise innovative strategies for growth and to employ increasingly sophisticated logistics functions. Limatel has also worked with a variety of state transport agencies.

  • Road: Review of the Irish Freight and Logistics Sector for State Agency
  • Rail: The use of rail freight in the British retail sector
  • Bus: Study of the effects on the bus network of the proposed extension to Dublin’s Light Rail system
  • Logistics: Commercial Analysis of the distribution strategies of European breweries
  • Maritime: Modelling and forecasting future international freight flows to Ireland
  • Maritime: Cost model of the Irish LoLo shipping industry
  • Postal: Identification of new markets in Ireland for leading alternative postal provider


Limatel works in many sectors, and its client base ranges from small businesses to large, public policy organisations. Some of our projects are completed in only a few weeks; on other contracts we have worked with clients on a contractual basis for many months.

  • Feasibility Study and Business Planning for successful web start up
  • Study of Rural Enterprises in the west of Ireland – incorporating 10 case studies of SMEs in the region

Sample Reports

Most of our studies are commercially sensitive, and so cannot be published. However, you may be interested in browsing the attached reports, which are already in the public domain.

  1. WDC Report
  2. Biomass Report